After a year of festivities that is soon to be over, we can say that 2017 was full of surprises and celebrations. The HOTEL10 team would like to share with you its favorite Montreal 375th anniversary stunts.

Among our favourite animations was the performance of the “rainbow people” who wandered all around Montreal this summer. We also noticed the remarkable work of Moment Factory, who illuminated the Jacques Cartier Bridge with its “Living Connections” work, which is transformed by Montreal’s energy, the Aura sound and light show at Notre-Dame Basilica and the multi-sensorial path “Cité Mémoire“, which traces the evolution of the city through time.

These projects of the 375th have caught our attention because of their originality, creativity and intelligent nod to the city’s history and heritage, which are particularly relevant to the values ​​and DNA of HOTEL10.

The “Rainbow People”

«Street Art» for the 375th anniversary of Montreal

An important year for us too

Meanwhile, HOTEL10 was celebrating its 102nd anniversary last month. And, for the occasion, we wanted to highlight the historical and heritage aspect of our building. It is in this spirit of celebration that two new murals have been created and we invite you to discover them. One represents the historic “Godin” building and the second is a nod to another mythical building of the “Main”: the Monument-National.

The “Godin” mural can be found on the facade of our outdoor terrace.

The mural of the Monument-National, in our unisex restrooms located at the reception

A step backward

The Godin Building, designed by architect Joseph-Arthur Godin, was built in 1915 at the corner of Sherbrooke Street and Saint-Laurent Boulevard (The Main). It was one of the first residential buildings in Canada inspired by the “Art Nouveau” movement. At the time, it was said that this building had “redefined Montreal’s city landscape”. It also inspired other architects who followed the “Art Nouveau” movement by designing buildings in the neighborhood, including the Holt Renfrew store located a few blocks from the hotel.

Art: from yesterday to today

HOTEL10 has always been a landmark for artists. In 1990, the building served as an “artists commune” and housed musicians, sculptors, designers and photographers. Even today, art is an integral part of the hotel’s DNA. Since the renovation and expansion of the building in 2004 by architect Dan Hanganu, who recently passed away, past and present now coexist in the building. Hanganu chose a post-modern approach for the new wing, to create harmony with the neighborhood. The architect wanted to design a contemporary work that reflects the spirit of the establishment: strong in contrasts and contradictions. As 2018 approaches, and as the festivities of the 375th and our 102nd anniversary come to an end, HOTEL10 invites you to come and discover its new mural art, but also all the history that lives between the walls of our building which is, undoubtedly, part of the art, history and heart of Montreal.