The cold temperature has unfortunately finally arrived, but it also means that the holiday season is not far away. And, this joyful season is an occasion for great festivities! For us, at HOTEL10, it’s one of our favourite times of the year. What about you?


The “Christmas party”

At HOTEL10, we love the holiday season for all the “parties”: ours, but especially yours. Between: family, friends and coworkers, are you still asking yourself: how are you going to see all these beautiful people before Christmas?

This year, we thought of a very glamorous theme for the holiday season. Under the theme COCO&CO, HOTEL10 welcomes groups, big and small, with glitter and gilding. You want an official Christmas party, but you think you are not enough people? Not here! We offer a mixed formula for small groups who would like to join others. Because … the more, the merrier!


COCO & CO is a turnkey formula for those seeking to celebrate without having to worry about anything. On the program: festive atmosphere, DJ and entertainment, cocktails, appetizers and a 4-course meal. For those who wish to keep the fun going, we recommend THE ULTIMATE PACKAGE to which we added, an overnight stay, breakfast and parking. The way a real “party” should be!


We love sleeping at the hotel!

Booking a hotel room the night of your Christmas party is the true definition of luxury! During the month of December, take advantage of the “early check-in” option that allows you to relax and get ready before the big night. And, let’s face it: it is much more convenient and pleasant to only have to go up to your room once the evening is over. And, even better, to have breakfast with the crowd the next day to share the gossip of the night before! Why not extend the party?

For those who like to sleep at the hotel as much as we do: why not organize a Christmas “pajama party” with your friends? Success guaranteed and there is no age to have fun in pajamas. Take advantage of our many holiday promotions and offers and show us your prettiest Christmas pajamas, we cannot wait to see that!

Happy Holidays!