For those who did not know, HOTEL10 is one of the few hotels in the city that accepts pets. Here, not only are all animals welcome, but they are also treated like kings. Can’t stay away from your cat, your dog or even your reptile? Bring it during your next stay with us. Our team will be happy to make (everyone’s) experience as pleasant as possible.

A lobby story

Last month, we were very surprised to see a pet like no other checking in at the hotel; a rabbit that was… stuffed! Pinky the World Traveler was visiting Montreal with Ralph, the father of her owner, little Amy.

The family man often travels for work and, when he has to leave the house, his daughter lends him Pinky, which he gladly brings along with him. His mission is to take pictures of the stuffed rabbit in every city he visits.


Ralph’s mission is to take pictures of the stuffed rabbit in every city he visits.

Thanks to these photos, Amy maintains contact with her father and her favourite rabbit, even when they are miles away from home. The devoted daddy is currently working on a photo album that will bring together the different shots of Pinky that were taken around the world.


Our receptionists made sure Pinky would discover the neighbourhood

The entire HOTEL10 team was proud and excited to welcome Pinky and Ralph this winter. Our receptionists made sure they would discover the neighbourhood as well as Montreal musts nearby: the “Main”, downtown, « le Quartier des Spectacles», etc. But Pinky’s favourite place in Montreal was its cozy hotel room where, it seems, he slept on both (rabbit) ears!


Hotel 10 Lobby

Find out about all the available services for guests wishing to travel with their pet. As you can see, HOTEL10 welcomes all animals with open arms. We are looking forward to meet yours!