At HOTEL10, we love beauty and we make it a point of honour to make all our spaces visually pleasant. If you’ve read our latest blog post about some of our favorite works displayed throughout the hotel, you know how important art and design are to our DNA. Our common areas, our meeting rooms, our dining spaces and, of course, our rooms and suites, are tastefully decorated and furnished, in a pleasant mix of eclectic and artistic. And if you like our style, why not make it yours for a moment?

Our common areas are tastefully decorated and furnished.

It is indeed possible to organize a variety of special events at HOTEL10. If you dream of being a star for a day, know that many professional and amateur photography and filming sessions take place every week within our walls. Whatever the occasion, our suites and rooms with diverse configurations and looks make HOTEL10 the perfect place to realize your creative project. We have more than 7,100 sq. ft. of custom spaces for all your needs. Our speciality? Create unforgettable moments in places that are just as impossible to forget. Let’s take a closer look…

Our suites: elegance and versatility

Our spacious and bright suites have starred in several successful Quebec TV shows as well as several fashion, lifestyle and wedding photography sessions. Maybe you did not think about it right away, but why not give them a second vocation and rent one of our suites to organize a photo session or an extraordinary meeting with your friends? Each of our six suites offers a different style, combining art, design, brightness, urbanity and glam, to make your dreams come true. Here are our three most popular suites and what they have to offer.


Located in the historic section of the hotel and offering breathtaking views of St-Laurent Blvd., our GODIN SUITE is spacious and tastefully furnished. Offering 550 sq. ft. of living area with a king-size bed and living room with circular sofa, the large bathroom with a deep soaking tub and separate walk-in shower often steals the show in this luxurious and spacious suite.


Spacious, colourful and tastefully furnished, our 650 sq. ft. SUITE10 offers a king-size bedroom and en-suite bathroom with a deep soaking tub and spectacular glass shower. Perfect for photo sessions that require a little more eccentricity.

Penthouse Suite

Our most spectacular suite, the Penthouse Suite, is spread on two floors and offers panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows over a total of 1,100 sq. ft. The aerial loft-style bedroom has a king-size bed and automated blinds. The space also offers a luxurious bathroom with a deep soaking tub and separate glass shower and contemporary-style furnishings in the living room, dining room and kitchen. If you’re dreaming of a glamorous photo session or an intimate brunch with friends, then the Penthouse Suite is the space of all your desires.

Lifestyle photoshoot in the Penthouse Suite

The Penthouse Suite recently welcomed comedian Guylaine Tremblay and singer Marie-Hélène Thibert during “interview” type photo sessions. A mini-models photo shoot was also organized, as well as numerous accessories and clothing lines launch in SUITE10. So, when will we have the chance to see your photos?

Marie-Hélène Thibert in our Penthouse Suite during a photoshoot/interview session
Comedian Guylaine Tremblay in our Penthouse Suite for the launch of her book 
Wedding Photoshoot in the Penthouse Suite

Our rooms and common areas: the perfect decor

Our unclassifiable and unique hotel has also hosted several major shootings for both television and cinema. If a suite is not enough and you need more space, think of our common areas for your photos and videos. We offer several places that will provide the settings you dream of.

For example, the hit series Les Beaux Malaises has recently filmed a scene in our public restrooms that are also ideal for an original shoot if you are looking for a spacious common bathroom that allows multiple shots.

Our unisex restrooms are often used as a TV set

Also, Blue Moon (Season 3) filmed almost the entire second episode at HOTEL10. You’ll recognize one of our meeting rooms, our lobby, the Penthouse suite and our stairs.

Our stairs in the Godin Building

Does this inspire you for a personal project? Do not hesitate to contact our team to know our availabilities and rates. Whatever your idea, we can certainly help you realize it.