Do you want to explore the city differently? Us too ! And, believe us, although we know our beloved city by heart, it still surprises us. Every day, when we walk around the hotel, « Montreal La Belle» reserves us many surprises. Are you up for the game and do you want to discover Montreal the HOTEL10 way? Start planning your next stay with us and follow the guide! Here are some artworks our team discovered during a walk in the neighbourhoods surrounding HOTEL10. Can you guess where they are located? And above all, did you ever notice them?

HOTEL10 is ideally located on the corner of St-Laurent and Sherbrooke streets downtown Montreal

Three artworks to discover while walking around HOTEL10

When leaving HOTEL10, if you head west on Sherbrooke Street, you will quickly find yourself downtown Montreal. McGill College Avenue seems to cross the city and offers breathtaking views of Mount Royal from the bustling terrace of Place Ville-Marie.

The Steve Jobs is dead sculpture is located on the corner of McGill College and Sherbrooke

At the corner of McGill College and Sherbrooke, you will find a sculpture well known by Montrealers … but who has really taken the time to stop to contemplate it? (Apart from us!) This sculpture by artist Cédric Loth is called Steve Jobs is dead, precisely because … it is what we can read on the character’s screen! Did you know?

Have you ever noticed what is written on the screen this character is looking at?

Going down McGill College Avenue towards the downtown area, you can see the Mitan Terrace in season. Located halfway between the river and the mountain, this long terrace that has brightened McGill College Avenue since last year invites relaxation.

The Mitan Terrace in season on McGill Avenue

Connecting Place Ville Marie and McGill University campus- the hubs of the prestigious McGill College Avenue – this temporary art installation extends to the sidewalks and a portion of the west roadway. Meanwhile, on the other side of the street stands an astonishing sculpture entitled The Illuminated Crowd by artist Raymond Mason.

The Illuminated Crowd by artist Raymond Mason

Since art is part of our DNA at HOTEL10, we noticed an interesting detail on this sculpture that has been part of the downtown Montreal’s landscape since 1986. If you have already taken the time to stop to admire it, from every angle, you will notice that the sculpture is completely different from the back …

The Illuminated Crowd sculpture, seen from the back…

Once in downtown Montreal, why not take the opportunity to discover:  Montreal Underground City ? It can be accessed from the Eaton Center, located at the corner of St. Catherine Street and McGill College. The Underground City covers 32KM of tunnels. Since 2004, it has been renamed RESO, and it is one of the most important underground cities in the world. Even better: it is possible to admire magnificent artworks while exploring the city the ecological way (and be protected from the cold in winter!) The Underground City also allows you to get to Place-des-Arts metro station, located just a few steps from HOTEL10. Convenient, don’t you think? 

The Underground City is an open-air museum. Here: “History of Music” by Frédéric Back

RESO is more than a way to get from point A to point B, it’s a destination in itself. While walking through it, you will see a segment of the Berlin Wall, a stained glass wall dedicated to the history of music in Montreal by artist Frédéric Back and hundreds of other art installations. During the winter months, a 5KM race takes place annually in the hallways. You will be surprised what you might discover. In conclusion, Montreal is a true open-air museum. Have fun discovering one art installation at a time, one neighbourhood at a time … on foot!