Most people are unaware of this, but the Godin building, which houses the HOTEL10, and has been part of the Montreal landscape since the 19th century is, as a matter of fact, the first residential reinforced concrete building in North America. That is why, among other reasons, concrete is still omnipresent in our beautiful hotel’s decor today. Have fun finding its influences during your next stay.

A historic building

The Godin Building was built in 1915 and was one of the first residential buildings in Canada inspired by the “Art Nouveau” movement. It is the realization of architect Joseph-Arthur Godin. The original architectural concrete building, with pale colours, vaulted doors, arched windows and balconies with metal balustrades, perfectly follows the slope of Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

Its design recalls the French style of the early twentieth century. We also say that this building has reinvented Montreal’s urban habitat, nothing less. The Godin building is one of the rare buildings that reinforced concrete structures inspired by Art Nouveau which marked a breakage with the entire architectural landscape of Montreal at the time, as much by their style as by their construction technique


Concrete can be find everywhere in the hotel


Concrete everywhere

If you have not noticed yet … we invite you to pay attention during your next visit with us. Concrete is ubiquitous in the HOTEL10 decor. Since it is an important part of our history, it has inspired us in the realization of some key pieces of our decor. Note, among other things:

-The ceilings of the rooms in the modern section that are made of reinforced concrete. They are a realization of architect Dan Hanganu, to whom we owe the Pointe-à-Callière Museum.

-The “concrete imitation” paint that can be found on the doors and walls of the public mixed bathrooms

-The fireplace wall, which is an original piece of the Godin building

-The wall behind BAR20

-The original spiral staircase designed by architect Joseph Arthur Godin that we have preserved and even decorated with stained glass windows, which represent singer Dédé, to whom we have also dedicated one of our suites …


The original spiral staircase that was designed by architect Joseph Arthur Godin is still there

In conclusion, while walking around HOTEL10, you will notice these small details and will then better understand why concrete is an integral part of our decor and occupies a place of choice in our heart. HOTEL10 is located in a historical building full of history and we make sure to ensure its sustainability.

The ceilings of the rooms in the modern section are made of reinforced concret