It’s no longer a secret: at HOTEL10, we appreciate art in all its forms and, moreover, art occupies a special place in our hearts and is now part of our DNA. Among the artists with whom we have developed a special relationship over the years, there is Guy Hamelin, a multidisciplinary artist from Montreal who has been traveling across Quebec for the past fifteen years to get inspired and create spectacular artworks. As an exclusive exhibition to be held at the hotel approaches ( May 31) – the first collaboration of this kind with the artist – we introduce you to one of our favorite collaborators and invite you to discover him.

The artist Guy Hamelin

«My story with HOTEL10 began with a photo shoot several years ago,» explains Guy Hamelin. Then I exhibited some of my paintings, including the famous “Girl Power” canvas that was custom-made for the hotel. It is still displayed in the corridor leading to the meeting rooms. I also created a mirror, hanging in the same corridor, and the concierge desk….. I will unveil new exclusive artworks for HOTEL10 during the exhibition on May 31.»

The mirror created for HOTEL10 by Guy Hamelin

The style of Guy Hamelin has particularly compelled us since it is bold and colourful … just like HOTEL10! The artist loves to work in an explosive way and does not hesitate to mix materials, techniques and colours. His marginality pleased us, since we can identify with it.

The concierge desk has been concieved by Guy Hamelin

«HOTEL10 is a place that puts art forward, it is a space that is, at the same time, modern and international» pursues the artist. «From my point of view, it’s a magical place! The terrace is superb. Everything is there to embellish my works, and, in return, I beautify the hotel with my art, it is a lovely complementary relation that we have developed. »


HOTEL10 is a place that puts art forward, as mentioned by the artist.


Our beautiful terrace offers great views of Saint-Laurent Boulevard

On Thursday May 31st, do not miss our evening where art (and our dear Guy Hamelin) will be on the spotlight. En route to the Expo will start at 6 PM and the free entry will allow you to discover HOTEL10 and our common areas – including our terrace that will be officially inaugurated for the season – but will also give you access to an exclusive exhibition of the artist. Among other things, you will have the opportunity to discover the 10 canvases created as part of the painting workshops offered by the artist at La Maison des Jeunes, and 10 experimental work pieces, which are, according to Hamelin, completely different than what he usually does. New artworks specially designed for HOTEL10 will also be unveiled during this festive evening. We cannot wait to see the new masterpieces (and see you, of course!)



A valet service will be offered at 10$ on the evening of May 31st