On May 31st, we organized an event like no other at HOTEL10. One of our favorite artists, Guy Hamelin, chose our beautiful hotel to organize an ephemeral and original exhibition where new pieces created specifically for us were unveiled, in addition to many of the artist’s creations and a special collection of 10 canvases created in partnership with La Maison des Jeunes. For those who could not participate, here’s On the way to the Expo

HOTEL10 was “On the way to the Expo” on May 31st

To start the evening right, guests were greeted at the reception by HOTEL10′s team, whom, for the occasion, created their own artist’s aprons. Because … when we do something, we do it 100% ! The HOTEL10 employees were therefore recognizable by their apron covered in paint, result of a day when everyone was ready to play and improvised themselves artists for a day.

The HOTEL10 improvised themselves artists for a day.

In the lobby, the new artwork, tailor-made for HOTEL10 and created by our beloved Guy Hamelin, a new “smart” table that allows customers to connect their computers or electronic devices and work in our common areas, is now installed.

New smart table created by Guy Hamelin for HOTEL10

The evening began in the HOTEL10 basement, where a “spectaculinary” show was held at the same time as Guy Hamelin’s. A culinary demonstration offered by our partners Agnus Dei put our guests in appetite and, subsequently, some of the artist’s paintings were on display. One of them particularly attracted attention since it required wearing 3D glasses to capture all its beauty. An “interactive” evening, to say the least!

A “spectaculinary” show was offered by our partners, Agnus Dei.


One of the painting required wearing 3D glasses

After a while, guests were invited to the Godin Room for a festive cocktail party. A silent auction took place at the same time and the 10 canvases created jointly by Guy Hamelin and La Maison des Jeunes were all sold! The money raised will be donated to the Maison des Jeunes Foundation and will improve the offer of services and activities. Some of the young artists were present that evening and two of them even shared a few words with the crowd, thanking Guy Hamelin for passing on his knowledge and passion. The artist seemed extremely touched by this homage; the youth has always been a cause he cherished as he has been working with them for a long time. According to him, “this collaboration helped motivate and inspire them, and allowed, at the same time, some Guy Hamelin fans to offer themselves … a Guy Hamelin painting”. The works of the young artists have all been sold for $ 250 each.

The 10 paintings created in collaboration with La Maison des Jeunes were all sold

At the end of the evening, guests were able to enjoy our magnificent terrace which was officially inaugurated for the summer, while feasting on the gourmet (and artistic – since it was the theme of the evening) table of Agnus Dei. A colourful, touching evening, where art, gastronomy,  beauty and collaboration were at the rendezvous.

Some of Guy Hamelin’s paintings were exposed in the Godin Room


A gourmet and artistic table created by Agnus Dei
Our colourful terrace was officially opened on May 31st