Did you know? Nestled in the inner courtyard of HOTEL10 and offering breathtaking views of Saint-Laurent boulevard is … our beautiful and colorful terrace, perfect to accompany your summer! If you come by one day, and whether you are spending the night with us or not, will you be able to spot the artworks that decorate the walls of our spacious terrace? Let’s see…

An aerial view of our terrace !

First of, you must know that our terrace is perfect for any occasion: whether you are planning a private event for a small or a large group, our terrace is perfect and even offers a lighted marquee that allows several different configurations and is very convenient in the event of rain. We have recently organized a wedding, a baby shower and many bachelor(ette) parties, among others.

But, in our opinion, you do not have to wait for a special occasion to plan a moment with your friends on our terrace! The only thing needed is the desire to have a drink and few bites in good company in the heart of downtown Montreal. And, let’s face it: that happens often during summer!

Our terrace (seen under the marquise) during a private event

Thanks to our devoted partner Agnus Dei, you can enjoy : your breakfast outside in season, a lunch break or simply a cocktail and a few bites in the evening. BAR20 offers terrace service anytime weather permitting. Discover an impressive selection of cocktails, wines by the glass and a slate-style menu to satisfy your appetite.

Our gorgeous terrace is waiting for you this summer!

But, back to the matter at hand… we would like to draw your attention to these two beautiful artworks that can be found on the wall of our terrace. The first is a mural created for Montreal’s 375th anniversary, which is a hint to the original building of HOTEL10 while the other is a painting created by artist Guy Hamelin, with whom we collaborate regularly on many creative projects. The colorful furniture of the patio blends perfectly with these two gorgeous artworks, especially our multicolored solar chairs and our HOTEL10 inspired cushions. Intrigued? We’ll talk about it in more detail in our next blog. In the meantime, see you on the terrace!

Our colourful artworks and furniture