At HOTEL10, every story … has its story! On the grounds of the historic Godin building, which was transformed into a hotel at the beginning of the 21st century, every object, every room has its purpose and its history. Our team could spend hours talking to you about certain items and spaces at HOTEL10 which, even today, tell the story of Montreal and the surrounding neighbourhood. Art lovers, we chose this form of expression to tell these anecdotes and our common and accessible-to-all bathrooms are no exception. They also have a story to tell…

Our shared bathrooms are an integral part of our DNA

For us, it is clear that our mixed bathrooms are original and contribute to the distinctive character of our establishment. They are, just like us, artistic and open-minded. But, for those of you who are not familiar with HOTEL10 and its history, know that our shared bathrooms, located near the reception area, have always been mixed, a feature that we have adopted since our opening, but that we have transformed “the HOTEL10” way. Here is a summary of the history of this place that has evolved along with the city, the neighbourhood, the hotel and, why not, society …

Our shared bathrooms before the renovations

Since we love art, history and we are never short of ideas, we recently wanted to improve our “famous” shared bathrooms to make them even more creative, but also more practical. Indeed, one of the goals of this transformation was to clarify that this space is unisex so customers will no longer have to ask where the men’s and/or women’s toilets are, since they are at the same place! The configuration ensures that the space is intimate and safe for everyone to feel at ease.

Our mixed bathrooms provide privacy and a sense of security

Of course, since we needed to renovate, the bathroom modernization has become an artistic project! What can we say? You can take the art out of HOTEL10, but not HOTEL10 out of the art. For this transformation, we have chosen to highlight “la MAIN” Montreal’s iconic street that has seen it all, especially since our opening. There is also a mural representing the National Monument, the oldest theater in Quebec that is still open. And, of course, it’s located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, just a few blocks from the HOTEL10: what an interesting coincidence!

We honour the National Monument on the walls of  the”new” mixed bathrooms

Finally, we have also chosen to paint the doors and give them a “concrete-finish” texture, a key material in the history of the Godin building that can still find many echoes everywhere at HOTEL10. The choice of the colours is a reminder of the silvery accents found at the reception, as well as the golden and red tones that characterize the Godin room to create harmony and visual continuity in each room on the ground floor. 

The faux concrete finish of the doors is a nod to the Godin building

If you visit us, do not forget to pay them a visit. They are beautiful and inclusive! Note the mural, the faux concrete doors, the  “Men/Women/Whichever” sign that confirms everyone is welcome and also: the quotes from Leonard Cohen and Phyllis Lambert, two artists who played an important role in Montreal. With this recent project, we pursue the HISTORY OF MONTREAL THROUGH ART theme … through all our rooms!

Notice the quotes of Leonard Cohen and Phyllis Lambert on the walls

Interestingly, artist Jeremy Shantz was chosen to modernize and revamp our mixed bathrooms. Is it a coincidence that Café Origine, located in the portion of the Godin building built in 1915 and located at the corner of Saint-Laurent & Sherbrooke streets, has also given the artist the mandate to create a gorgeous wall art, renew their logo, storefront and brand image? In our opinion, there is no coincidence in life …

Canadian artist Jeremy Shantz at Café Origine