If you have not noticed yet, there is now a beautiful multicoloured horse on our outdoor terrace. But, even more so, this horse is far from being an ordinary “animal” … it went through a lot and its story is very interesting. And we will, of course, tell you all about it.

Our horse/art piece is visible from Saint-Laurent boulevard

At the time of OPUS hotel, the former owners had purchased a life-size horse-shaped lamp. This lamp/art piece, created by the Swedish collective Front Design, was proudly displayed at KOKO resto-bar and several customers of the hotel and the restaurant-bar were taking photos with it. It has even often been decorated with hats, garlands and accessories; it was a very festive lamp at the time, which has had some pretty wild nights!

The horse was, in fact, a full-size lamp at KOKO Restaurant-Bar

Following the acquisition and transformation of  HOTEL OPUS to HOTEL10 by Tidan Group in 2012, the famous horse was damaged and subsequently stored. For the nostalgics, the KOKO horse was forever lost and was nothing more than a vague memory of wild party nights on boulevard Saint-Laurent. That’s what everyone thought until last month, almost six years later …

The KOKO horse was a very festive lamp

Surprise! The artwork was recently requisitioned by the HOTEL10 team, who brilliantly had it restored by Montreal artist Bryan Beyung. Its lamp function has been removed, but the horse remains a spectacular work of art that we have chosen to transform in the colours of the HOTEL10. Now multicoloured and exposed on our colourful terrace, the horse was named JAG (which is a diminutive Joseph Arthur Godin, the architect of the Godin building that now houses our hotel) and is visible from Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

JAG the horse is now proudly standing on our colourful terrace

Enjoy the last weeks of this beautiful summer to come take a picture with JAG on our terrace. We suspect that the “return” of the horse in the building will make many nostalgics happy, and, for our part, the entire HOTEL10 team is delighted to have been able to restore a work of art that is so particular. This return fulfills our thirst for history and art, and reinforces our bold and distinctive character as a historic art hotel.

JAG is waiting for you on the terrace. Come and say hi!