At HOTEL10, we believe that the “boutique hotel concept has been largely overexploited and does not quite apply to us. We position ourselves rather as a “hotel-gallery” where art and above all, the art of living are put forward to offer a different and inspiring experience. Recently, we had (another) idea to boost our creativity and allow you to take a part of HOTEL10  home with you after your stay with us. A selection of homemade products that reflect our DNA and personality are now available for purchase at the hotel. Curious to know more? Here is what you will find ; and remember that each object at HOTEL10 has its history, but above all, its raison d’être...

– Our love for concrete: custom-made coasters by Cygne Béton

The privileged relation that HOTEL10 maintains with concrete is no longer a secret. The Godin building housing was one of the first reinforced concrete buildings in Canada and we even wrote a blog a while ago to tell its story. For us, concrete occupies a special place in our hearts and is an integral part of our DNA. That’s why we now offer a very fitting souvenir that you can take home: concrete coasters, an original creation by the Quebec company Cygne Béton

«Concrete is emotion, says Judive Jean-Gilles, president of Cygne Béton. The freedom of shapes and textures, curves … it’s art! Since concrete can be molded, we can let our imagination remodel this material. In architecture, concrete is reinvented and revisited. Art has always been figurative, that is to say that the created image seeks to imitate what we see whether it is realistically or not, depending on what the artist is trying to do. Concrete is also a symbol of unity and collaboration.»

If you want to bring a piece of HOTEL10 and its history with you, these new concrete coasters designed especially for us are both original, beautiful and practical.

These concrete coasters are an original creation of Cygne Béton for HOTEL10

– Our affection for animals: dog accessories by Signé Louka

HOTEL10 is a petfriendly establishment like no other! Over the years, we have welcomed: a giant dog, a parrot, a ferret, a baby dragon … in short, we love animals and the majority of them are more than welcome here. To illustrate our character as a unique petfriendly property, we have chosen to offer exclusive dog accessories by the Montreal brand Signé Louka in our new “boutique” space.

Signé Louka is a brand of necklaces and leashes for dogs made with real leather. Handcrafted in Montreal, these products are unique and designed for dogs who want to display a cool and sophisticated look. Totally in the spirit of HOTEL10!

This dog “dressed” by Signé Louka is proudly posing on the terrace of HOTElL10

– Our story … as told in the book: Hotels stories and other places

We love art, pets, but also (and especially) history. Since our building is classified as a historic building, many exciting stories have emerged over the years. Among all the anecdotes that we could tell you about what happened before the Godin building was transformed into a hotel, but also since it is one, the one we will never get tired of hearing is the one about Dédé Fortin, the late singer of iconic music band Les Colocs.

This out-of-the-ordinary story is told in the book Hotels stories and Other Places offered at HOTEL10. In it, author Antoine Charette will tell you how we found out about the unique link we have with Dédé Fortin and how SUITE 2116-Chez Dédé, one of the two thematic suites of the HOTEL10, was created. Grab this fascinating book that tells 15 stories and that also contains the exclusive 16th story of Dédé Fortin (this version is only available at HOTEL10.)

Find out about the unique link we have with Dédé Fortin in this captivating book