Did you know? HOTEL10 is owned by the prolific TIDAN Group, which also manages many establishments in Canada and the United States, including beach hotels, golf resorts, tennis resorts, and mountain resorts, along with a number of downtown hotels.

HOTEL10 is owned and managed by the Tidan Hospitality Group

In the last 45 years, the Tidan Group has built a diversified portfolio of productive properties across North America. The founders, Mike Yuval and Jack Sofer, had a clear vision of the sector and its future, and continued to successfully adapt their strategies to the changing real estate market.

Of all the Tidan Group hotels, the one most similar to HOTEL10  is the Mount Stephen Hotel. In addition to shared management, they are both in downtown Montreal, and each is a boutique-style hotel in a historic building where history and modernity coexist. Let’s take a closer look…

Mount Stephen Hotel and HOTEL10 are both situated in historic buildings

Mount Stephen is the newest luxury hotel in Montreal. Opened in 2017, it offers 90 prestigious rooms and suites where art, history, luxury, and modernity coexist. Today, the historic Sir George Stephen House serves as the main entrance to the hotel and also houses Bar George. The new section of the building, where the Mount Stephen Hotel is located, lies behind the historic residence. This masterpiece, of connecting the historic wing to the modern one, is the work of Lemay Architecture.


The house of Sir George Stephen, a very influential Montrealer in his day, was converted into a private club in 1925 and has hosted many dignitaries over the years, including Princess Margaret and Pierre Trudeau.

Historic photo of Sir George Stephen’s residence


In 1975, the building was classified as a historic monument by the Government of Quebec and designated as a national historic site by the Government of Canada. The Tidan Group acquired this magnificent property, of inestimable value and heritage, in 2006.

Today, the hotel mixes past and present with this historic residence. It is famous for its avant-garde reopening, with an elegant contemporary structure of 90 rooms and suites located in a new wing behind the original building.


A little further east in downtown Montreal is our beloved Godin building, which houses HOTEL10 and has been part of Montreal’s landscape since the early 20th century. This building is also a historic listed building as it was, in fact, the first residential reinforced concrete building in North America.


Historic image of the Godin building

Today, the entrance to the Godin building, located at the corner of Sherbrooke and Saint-Laurent, gives access to Café Origine, with whom we share our premises. The new section of HOTEL10 was created by architect Dan Hanganu who has achieved a tour de force, preserving the structure of the original building and its facade while adding a modern wing by which guests now access the hotel.

Of HOTEL10’s 136 rooms and suites, some are located in the historic part of the Godin building, while others are in the new wing. The two sections are brilliantly connected to each other and form a harmonious whole in this historic hotel. If you would like to learn more about the history of the Godin building, we invite you to read our latest blog post that tells its story.