HOTEL10 is a hotel like no other! Indeed, we are proud to be a colourful and distinctive establishment that is offering a different and inclusive stay experience. With our daring and multicoloured works of art, our shared and mixed bathrooms, our thematic suites and our unclassifiable style, HOTEL10 is recognized for being broad-minded & is well known for its cultural and corporal openness; that means everyone is more than welcome here. With this philosophy in mind, it was only natural for us to officially collaborate for the very first time this year with the Montreal Pride Festival, which took place from August 9th to 19th. Let’s circle back and look at this first successful collaboration!

The Montreal Pride Festival, which took place from August 9th to 19th

Montreal is proud! 

Founded in 2007 at the initiative of the communities of sexual and gender diversity, today Montreal Pride is the largest french-speaking gathering of its kind. The organization’s primary mission is to support and promote communities of sexual diversity and the plurality of local genders while serving as a beacon of hope for communities living in injustice around the world. Today, the Montreal Pride Festival attracts nearly 2.7 million people for eleven days of community and cultural activities including free shows, panels, the community day and the parade.

Montreal is a diverse and open-minded city

With a population of nearly 4.1 million for the greater Montreal area, remember that it is the second largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris and the second largest urban center in Canada. In addition, Montreal is one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the continent and also the oldest city in North America. 

We created a tailor-made social media campaign for the whole duration of the festival

HOTEL10, a proud hotel, all-year round… 

As part of our first year of officially collaborating with the Montreal Pride, we were pleased to notice that we were one of the only boutique-style and 4-star hotels to partner up with the festival. We also are among the only establishments in the city to have created and published a tailor-made social media campaign for the whole duration of the festival. We also had the chance to host megastar Samatha Fox in our Penthouse Suite as she was one of the festival’s headliners. You will find some videos shared by the popular singer on her Instagram account, a souvenir of her visit to Montreal … and to HOTEL10! Also, a 15% discount was offered to festival-goers who wished to participate in the Montreal Pride Festival. And since HOTEL10 is a proud establishment year-round, we will continue to offer this discount at all times to highlight our distinct, open and creative hotel character. Find out more and more importantly, welcome all at HOTEL10!

Superstar Samantha Fox stayed at HOTEL10 during Montreal Pride