For the HOTEL10 team as well as many of our regular clients, Denis, breakfast manager, whom you can meet almost every morning in the Godin Room around his precious and delicious buffet, is a legend. Indeed, he has been working at the hotel for almost ten years and he is now a key player that we could not do without. Let us tell you why, when the Tidan Group acquired HOTEL10, it was out of the question to let our dear Denis go. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for our greatest pleasure.

Denis “The legend” is in charge of breakfast

-How long have you been working at the hotel? 

“I’ve been working at the hotel for about 8 years now, and I’ve been in charge of breakfast for three years. At the beginning, before we became HOTEL10, breakfast was not very popular with the hotel clientele. To help out, at the time, I started making scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages to serve the few customers we had at breakfast. It was initially to give a hand out, but it was an unexpected instant success. Increasingly, we went from an average of 15 customers per day to 50 today. Our breakfast is also one of our signature services and guests are often impressed by the quality of our buffet offer. “

Indeed, the quality of our breakfast is something that comes back regularly in the comments we receive on Tripadvisor. Guests are often impressed by what we have to offer, accustomed to a buffet that often lacks diversity and interest.

The comments we receive on Tripadvisor often mention our breakfast

«Room was spacious and clean. Great location to navigate the city from. Highlight of stay was the wonderful breakfast experience, especially the warm, personalized service of Denis, who always made you feel as if you were the most important person in the room- and what about the buffet!» Jenn. C from Toronto

Or again «The hotel location is also convenient to several metro locations. It offers an excellent buffet breakfast, and convenient to many fine restaurants along St Laurent and Sherbrooke avenues. Staff is very professional and helpful with tour opportunities. Highly recommend. » M. Morrell, United States

The positive comments about our breakfast and morning buffet are common and we are very proud of that.

The breakfast buffet is served daily in the Godin room

-Could you please explain your role at HOTEL10? 

“I have, if you will, a double role. Since I know the hotel’s clientele very well (I’ve been here for numerous years and some customers have become regulars), it’s important for me to be on the floor and to be in contact with them. It also helps me in the kitchen because I can quickly find out what they like and what they don’t. One day, a customer told me that he would like to eat baked beans … well now, we serve them every morning and they are excellent, I cook them myself.  They are so appreciated that we wouldn’t be able to remove them from the menu now! Being both in the kitchen and on the floor allows me to take the pulse of what the clientele wants and to adapt, but also, I love people and I could not be only in the kitchen, I like the human contact too much. “

Our breakfast buffet is colourful and generous

-What are your favorite breakfast items?

“I would say … omelettes with egg whites, which have become a classic that we find every morning in the buffet and baked beans, that are homemade. The french toast is made with chocolate bread and customers, especially the French, love it. And I do too! We offer 9 choices of hot items and as many cold items. I always have a salad of the day, fruits, yogurt … I try new things, I take customers feedback and I adapt. If a customer has a special request, I’ll do it, it’s important to me.”

Thanks to Denis, but also to the openness and flexibility of our partner, caterer Agnus Dei, the breakfast buffet that is served every morning in the Godin Room has evolved enormously over the years. It is now colourful, diverse and hearty. But again, in addition to having the chance to enjoy an excellent breakfast, HOTEL10 guests can chat with our dear Denis who is there to treat them, but also to make sure they are all satisfied. With that being said, we hope to have breakfast with you very soon!