For a few years, HOTEL10 in partnership with Agnus Dei Traiteur invite you to a glam and 100% turnkey holiday party. Designed for small groups and companies who would like to enjoy a Christmas party the way it should, the mixed Coco & Co evenings offer everything you are dreaming of: a warm holiday atmosphere with 160 people who celebrate in Espace Godin, high level gastronomy, music, animation and … a grandiose decor!

JAG the horse has put on his best Christmas clothes

Indeed, every year, we try to take up the challenge of designing an even more spectacular scenery than the previous year. Last winter, the theme was gold & glam and this year, artistic director of Agnus Dei Christian Touchette, who imagined and designed all these decors, has outdone himself. Let us introduce you the creator of emotions and atmosphere of our Coco & Co holiday parties who shares his inspirations for the 2018 decor.

Our mixed Coco & Co holiday parties have started

“The mandate is, every year, to stage the food, start from a theme and to dissect it down to the smallest detail, explains Christian Touchette, artistic director at Agnus Dei since 2010. Agnus Dei and HOTEL10 want to stand out in their approach and that gives me an extraordinary creative freedom when planning an event. The dishware alone will be a real fashion show at Coco & Co 2018, each piece is mismatched and it is when they are put together that it creates a wow effect.»

Artistic director Christian Touchette

This year’s decor is inspired by nature. «I wanted to bring the outside inside, continues Mr. Touchette. There are elements of the sea everywhere: coral and starfish, and reminders of the forest: animals, branches, JAG the horse that I “dressed” for the holiday season .. all these elements create a chic baroque atmosphere in a art deco style. There is also a dramatic effect with the gold and black tones.»

The decor details not to be missed this year:

-The iridescent utensils

-The immersive experience created by the 24 D.E.L rulers installed everywhere in Espace Godin

– JAG the horse who put on his best Christmas clothes

– Golden rhinoceros heads decorating the bar

– The two golden owls (find them!)

“In fact, the overall goal is for Coco & Co party guests to feel privileged about their holiday party. We wanted to create an atmosphere, a decor and a menu that would all be in harmony, but above all, something spectacular, he concludes.”

Coco & Co parties are reserved for groups of 10 or more who wish to join other small and medium-sized businesses and enjoy an all-inclusive holiday party. Festive atmosphere, fine gastronomy and breathtaking decor awaits. Some places are still available, contact us for more information.

Our 2018 Coco & Co decor is spectacular !