Two hotels, two anecdotes, two vacation styles

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To follow up on our blog series that pays tribute to our sister properties, we would like to remind you that HOTEL10 is a hotel that is owned by the prolific TIDAN Group, which also has many establishments in Canada and the United States, including seaside and mountain resorts, many golf facilities and tennis courses, etc. Among these, we retain Mont Gabriel Resort & Spa, an hotel built in 1936 in the Laurentians, while the building of HOTEL10 has been following the curves of Saint-Laurent Boulevard since 1915.


The Mont Gabriel Resort & Spa played an important part in the Laurentians history, just as HOTEL10 has occupied a prominent place in the Montreal landscape for decades. In 2016, Mont Gabriel celebrated its 80th anniversary, which sparked a desire to rebuild its history with multimillion dollar renovations, while, on our side, we celebrated our 101 st anniversary last summer and renovated several of our common areas.

The Mont Gabriel Resort & Spat was built in 1936
The Godin building was built in 1915


To learn more about this historical hotel, know that in 1934, the Marquis d’Albizzi brought Marie-Josephine Hartford (an American heiress of the family owner of the famous A & P stores (Atlantic & Pacific tea company) at the top of Mont Gabriel. She instantly fell under the charm and she bought the land in her name to build a 16-room lodge in 1936 .The main purpose of this construction was to have a place to rest after a day of downhill skiing, cross-country skiing or bobsleigh. Although the hotel has improved and expanded over the years, its first function still remains today. Over the years, several other owners followed one another (the Tidan group acquired the hotel in 1998), but, interestingly enough, the Hartford family returned to Hotel Mont Gabriel for the 80th anniversary of the establishment in 2016.

Marie-Joséphine Hartford & guest after the initial construction

This anecdote, of course, reminds us of Dédé Fortin that also “came back” home, in a way, during the construction of SUITE 2116-Chez Dédé. Remember that it was on the third floor of the Godin Building in the early 1990s that the group Les Colocs was born. Shortly after the TIDAN Group acquired the hotel in 2015, HOTEL10 transformed one of its suites, where it all began for the popular Quebec band, and renaming it SUITE2116.

We like to think that the original owners always end up coming back home, especially if it still as inviting.

Les Colocs were born on the 3rd floor of the Godin building.


As the holiday season approaches, why not take the opportunity to visit one of these historic establishments? If you are dreaming of the great outdoors, Mont Gabriel Resort & Spa, perched on top of the Laurentians, has become, over the years, a 4-star resort offering 136 accommodation units and a wide range of unique activities. During winter, the hotel allows swimming in its indoor pool, downhill skiing at the Gabriel Summit, tube sliding or snowshoeing. This holiday season, it is perfect opportunity to visit this sumptuous establishment that has retained its character throughout the years.

The decorated HOTEL10’s terrace covered with snow

If you are more the urban type, know that HOTEL10, located at walking distance from le Quartier des Spectacles (which hosts the temporary outdoor exhibition Luminothérapie until January 27, 2019) is the perfect place to sit back and relax while enjoying a delicious hot chocolate at BAR20 before exploring a snowy Montreal. On this note, and no matter what type of vacationer you are, we wish you a very happy and merry holiday season.

Winter is the perfect time to visit Mont Gabriel Resort & Spa
The decorated lobby of Mont Gabriel Resort & Spa