At HOTEL10, we believe that the beginning of a new year is the perfect opportunity to set the record straight and set (realistic) goals. On our side, we have established “10 commandments” which are, in our opinion, the perfect way to travel and … to live our lives, why not!

1- Travel in style

We all work very hard, and everyday life undeniably brings us a lot of challenges. It is therefore important to plan time for ourselves, moments of relaxation and enjoyment. Because we simply deserve it ! That is why, next time you plan a getaway, allow yourself to travel in style. Dare to book a superior hotel, a gourmet restaurant, or a moment at the spa. Life should not be monotonous, and you can (you must!) treat yourself with small luxuries when the time comes.

2- Empower yourself

Self-confidence is the basis of everything! If you do not trust yourself, no one will be able to offer it to you. Everything starts from within, and, as the New Year begins, remember every day how extraordinary you are and highlight your good moves. Why not take on each situation by telling yourself that you have really done your best, in any case.

3- Unwind

Do not take life too seriously, it is too short! But, above all, know how to relax and take every day with a grain of salt. Whether it’s going for a walk, having a coffee break or reading a good book, the moments of relaxation must be an integral part of your daily life. That being said, in 2019: we relax (more often!).

4- Cuddle

At HOTEL10, we are not afraid of friendly connections. With colleagues, we value each other very much and believe that an environment is much more enjoyable when we are surrounded by people we love. Why not show affection? The effect of a hug on a friend is often underestimated. This can, without you thinking about it, make all the difference in your day!

5- Be sweet

Do you know the adage that says do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself? Well, that’s exactly what we proclaim! Why not try to be nice, once a day, with someone you meet? We get what we give, and if you spread happiness and kindness around you, you will attract it back.

6- Indulge

In 2019: let’s spoil ourselves! Which means that we say yes to dessert more often, we are less difficult with ourselves, and we allow small pleasures that make life much more pleasant and light. Because, again, you certainly deserve it!

7- Embrace your authenticity 

Stay true to yourself, and do not be afraid to showcase your singularity and authenticity. After all … there is only one person who looks so much like you.

8- Bring your (own) pets

It is said that dog is man’s best friend, but it is also true for all our pets. In addition of bringing happiness and serenity, they are pleasant travel companions. More and more hotels, like HOTEL10, are pet friendly, as well as many carriers and airlines. So why separate from your four-legged best friend on your next trip? Bring it with you and discover the city together.

9 – Have fun

Most importantly, especially when setting goals, taking up new challenges or wanting to follow “the 10 commandments” (without taking yourself too seriously, please!) is to have fun. If you do not enjoy what you do, why do you do it?

10 – …. HOTEL10

The best part is : you can make it all happen at HOTEL10. Please think of us on your next trip or special event in Montreal and have fun, spoil yourself, be confident…

Happy New Year!