As Valentine’s Day approaches, we had the idea of ​​collecting some anecdotes and stories inspired by Lovers’ Day. In order to do this, we started our research to find the worst, but also the “less worst” stories related to Valentine’s Day on our Facebook page. Our quest has finally been a great success; reminding us that Valentine’s Day is not just a day filled with chocolate hearts and teddy bears.

So here – just for fun and to have a good laugh- are three stories that have caught our attention. Because the misfortune of others sometimes makes a good blog post, especially for a hotel that never wants to do things “like others do”.

*The names have been changed to preserve the anonymity of our dear customers who have dared to confess in this *serious study.


Have you ever seen this ultra-depressing movie featuring a couple (Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams) on the edge of the abyss of breaking up? If you did, you know that this is absolutely not the kind of movie you want to watch with your “date”, and especially not on the night of Valentine’s Day. Well, Julie was lucky enough to spend Lovers’ Day watching this happy and warm movie that basically says that, finally, happy love “simply does not exist”. True story, her lover had chosen to watch this film (and even had the other great idea of ​​sitting in the chair next to hers) on Valentine’s Day. Mr. Sadness finally burst into tears after the beginning of the film, which reminded him of his recent breakup… Julie was under the impression that her Valentine’s date was neither pleasant nor romantic and wanted to be polite while asking, “Would you prefer if I leave?” “Would you mind? he finally confessed”. And Happy Valentine’s Day, Julie!


The nightmare of many women is to be alone on Valentine’s Day (and yet sometimes it is a lot nicer, especially if you are referring to all the nice stories we’ve collected) … but it is even worse to be alone, on Valentine’s night, at the restaurant. This is what happened to Josée who had organized a romantic dinner on the evening of February 14th with her loved one. She was hoping for a night to remember, and… Sir never showed up. The worst part about this is, when she confronted him for explanations, he justified himself by saying that he “didn’t want to leave his ex alone for Valentine’s Day and therefore, he went to join her for dinner”. Well yes, let’s all agree it makes a lot of sense, Don Juan! Josée finally invited her children to dine with her and had a Valentine’s Day filled with family love, which brings her even today, more joy than anything else.


A few months after a stormy breakup with her lover of the past years, Sarah wasn’t in the mood for a date on the weekend of Valentine’s Day. She then decided to have dinner with her sister at one of her favourite restaurants and to make it a “very ordinary Friday night”. During the evening, who does she see entering the restaurant … her ex-boyfriend accompanied with another woman. “Surprising for a guy who was trying to win me back at any cost up to a few days ago and who swore he was not seeing anyone.” Let’s say that the discomfort was intense, but Sarah did not hesitate to go talk to her ex who had chosen to bring his new flame to her favourite restaurant. She said: “I’m glad to see that you replaced me so quickly, I wish you both a Happy Valentine’s Day. I am accompanied by my sister as you can see, because I do not need to throw myself into the arms of the first person I meet … ” The story does not say who had the worst Valentine’s Day between the four of them, but our little finger tells us that it may be the new flame, or the ex … Who knows? We let you be the judge of that.

On this beautiful note (we must laugh a little!) We wish you a very happy Lovers’ Day. Remember that love can take many forms and that your friends, family and co-workers are all part of your inner circle and contribute to your happiness on a daily basis. Why not celebrate Valentine’s Day your way this year, far from the cliches? This is what we advocate at HOTEL10: do things differently! Happy Valentine’s Day to all xox